So I have all kinds of things come to mind within the two weeks after the Awakening workshop. We weren't suppose to act on them so I figured I would write them down. I have reflected on most of these thoughts knowing that acting on them at this point is probably not the best option. Some of them make me laugh and really arent life changing thoughts per say. However, a MAC laptop and iPad are great tools to help someone change the world. :)

Meet Duane and Catherine for coffee and learn about the future of Clearmind and what areas they need help    Create a foundation to help others attend the workshop who are not in a financial position to do so.
What about a workshop specifically for parents and how to teach their kids to clear their minds?
What about a workshop for teens to help them integrate well in advance of becoming independent adults? 
What about movie similar to the Secret that follows the lives of Clearmind Alumni and the impact this work has on their life? The key difference is the focus on love vs. material possessions
How can this work be shared in the corporate world?
Buy a mac computer and iPad
Find out more about PRAC
Give tickets to the free lectures to everyone I know.
Tell everyone about my experience and that they need to do it too.
Ask my employer to change my role to be more education focused vs. sales
Take three months off work
Sell everything and start over.
Take singing lessons.
Take guitar lessons.
Buy multiple copies of Return to Love by Marianne Williamson and start giving them out to everyone I know
Start reading a Course in Miracles.
Get an ebook reader. (Whoops! Bought one before the two week rule was up)
Connect with my biological father's widow and family.
Attend a service the Unity church in White Rock or Vancouver
Work on our family tree.
Train sales people based on the focus of love vs. fear/money