Who are you exercising for?
 *People at work?
 *Mom or Dad?
 *Someone you want to meet?

I have been exercising since I can remember. I have over thirty years of exercising experience. :)

Here is what I have come to realize about my own motivations related to exercising. 

When I choose to exercise for myself and me only, I will do it consistently with a real desire to be in shape and feel good about who I am. It clears my mind of negative thoughts and enables me to focus on what is truly important. I have more energy and I can focus on what on the goodness of every situation.

When I choose to exercise to impress other people, I will start off strong and eventually come to a point where I stop exercising.

When I start off, I don't tell myself I am going to do this to impress other people. It happens gradually without me consciously realizing it.

Ultimately, my ego convinces me that I am better off to stop.  It convinces me that I won’t be able to keep it up anyway so why bother.

The key is to set an agreement with yourself right from the start as to the reason for exercising and check into to it as often as needed.

Exercise is for you and you only. It strengthens your mind, body and soul.  It is one of the key ways to live the life you truly desire.

Focus on this and watch what happens.