It is playoff time for hockey right now. The road to the Stanley Cup is open for many teams and communities in North America.

Our home team is the Vancouver Canucks. Last year, the Canucks had an amazing journey to almost reach the ultimate goal - the Stanley Cup. 

One thing that was amazing to watch was the community support for the team during this journey. Companies allowed employees to wear their jersey's to work on game day.  Communities had events to bring people together to watch the games. If you happened to be out walking in your neighborhood during a game, you would know when the Canucks scored a goal by the cheering going on in the surrounding homes. This connection is starting to build as another opportunity for the Cup is before us.

Hockey as well as other sports really act as a catalyst to bring people together. People who may have never talked to each other are able to have something to talk about. Neighbours who may have never met before are creating a bond which could last for years to come.

What if the universe uses hockey and other sports like football, baseball, soccer etc. as a way to bring people together. It is a way to show us what is truly important - connection with other human beings vs. material things like cars, computers, clothes etc.

This connection doesn't have to be sports. It could be writing, reading, painting, drawing, singing, dancing or something else you are interested in. The key is remembering the importance of this connection as you are on the road for your ultimate goal.

What ways do you connect with others?
Are there other things you have always wanted to do which would help you connect with more people in your community?