The  old saying, “Step on a crack break your mother’s back”, came to mind when I was out for a morning run the other day.

From when we were young, we learned funny sayings that stay with us as we get older.  They become imprinted in our minds. When we repeat them it brings back the feelings of being a kid and the memories from that time.

Now that I am a parent myself. I am open to looking at this saying in a different way.
What is the ultimate lesson from it? Yes, it is a fun saying, however, what is it teaching us? 

If we are at a place where we believe that what we think about expands. Is this saying truly serving us and our children? Do we want to teach each other it is ok to hurt someone especially our mother?

What if we decided to change it to something more from the heart.
Step on a crack and heal your mother’s back.

Or who says it has to rhyme...
Step on a crack and open your mother’s heart.

Something to consider the next time you are out for a walk or run in your neighborhood.