I attended the I Can Do It conference on May 5th of this year in Vancouver, B.C.

Wayne Dyer kicked off the day with a talk full of inspiration, insight, emotion and love.

One of the things he talked about was the importance of removing our labels.

He reminded us the labels we are given as soon as we are born. We are labelled as a boy or a girl. We are given a name. We are labelled by our weight and other measurements. We are called a good sleeper or a bad sleeper. A chubby baby or a skinny one. We have a certain eye color. We have hair or no hair. The list continues on and on as we grow older.

At the event, Wayne asked us all to close our eyes for a moment and try to let go of the labels we have given to ourselves.  He asked us to spend this moment being aware of who we are when the labels are gone. He feels this type of regular exercise will get us to a place where we start to really get to know who we are and why we are here.

So what labels do you have for yourself? 

Spend some time today on your own in a quiet place and see what happens when you let the labels go.