I learned something in grade eight that I wanted to share with you.

In the first month of junior high school, a school assembly was scheduled in the gym.  When I entered the gym, I couldn’t believe how many students filled it.  It was probably ten times the number of students we would have at an assembly at my elementary school.  There so many students that the gym’s four huge bleachers were full plus about ten rows of students were sitting on the floor.  As a grade eight student, I had to sit on the floor.  

At my elementary school, the younger kids were the ones that had to sit up front on floor.  I felt quite small with the entire grade nine’s and ten’s filling the bleachers behind me. 

After everyone was seated, a man approached the podium at the center of the gym. The man said hello and told everyone that he was the school principal.

Our principal went on and talked about the plans for the school year and some of the important rules that all students should be aware of.  I couldn’t believe it, we were allowed to chew gum in class!  Plus, it was ok to wear hats at the school as long as you took them off during class time.  This was unheard of at elementary school.

The principal had one final message for the entire school.  He said he wanted all of the students to “Go for the Gold!”.

I found this saying interesting.  I remember hearing a number of students around him laughing and mocking the phrase.  At the time, I wasn’t completely sure what it meant.  I had achieved some gold medals when I played soccer at elementary school.  “Is that what the principal meant by this?” I remember thinking.  “How does winning a gold medal in soccer help me as a grade eight student?” I pondered. 

Now let’s strengthen that thing between your ears.

1.    What does “Go for the Gold!” mean to you?

2.    What are some specific examples of “Go for the Gold!” in your own life?

3.    What things are you doing everyday to “Go for the Gold!”?

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