I have come to realize a new reason for having high efficient light bulbs.  These lights are great for saving us money on our electric bill plus they last longer than standard light bulbs. 

How do you react to these bulbs when you flick on the light switch and the room doesn't light up as fast as it used to?

I will be honest.  I have been getting a bit frustrated especially when I need a bright light in the room to be able to properly see what I am doing. After I had a number of experiences of frustration, I came to a realization.

What if high efficient light bulbs were created to teach us patience?  What if the universe had them invented so people all over the world would be reminded about the important of taking a moment to stop and be quiet for a minute or two?

The next time you hit the light switch for a high efficient bulb reflect on whether the best thing for you to do next is to breath and relax for a moment.