100% of What You Want in Life is Between Your Ears

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I wrote this ebook at a time in my life when I was searching for answers.

I was trying to figure out why I always felt down most of the time and had only short bouts of feeling really good.

I was spending most of my time focused on what was going wrong in my life and all the mistakes I continued to make.

I felt this dark, heavy, weight all the time. When I would be feeling this, the one thing that seem to help relieve it was writing.







In 2007, I started to write about stories in my past that taught me valuable lessons. Lessons that I still apply to my life today.

I had a lot of memories of when I was in elementary school and high school. These stories really resonated with me and stayed with me over the years.

The lessons I learned were so profound yet it took me until I was over thirty years old to realize this profoundness.

Now, my intention is to share these stories with the world.  Writing all of these stories helped me at a time in my life when I felt lost, alone and unsure of my purpose in life. 

By putting these stories into an ebook, it brought clarity to my life. I felt joy and passion.

My hope is you can benefit from the stories and have an opportunity while reading the ebook to relate the stories to your own life. 

Once you purchase it, I give you full authority to send it out to everyone you know as a gift if you choose to.

May your life be full of joy, peace, passion and hope.

Aaron Solly


When you purchase this ebook, you will also receive the following:

*Exercises to complete at the end of each chapter to relate Aaron's stories to your own life

*A free copy of "100% of Reaching Your Goals is Between Your Ears" by Aaron Solly

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